Sports tournaments

Description: Football Tournament amateur;
Format: Football Tournament lasting two days;
Objectives: To disseminate the company’s brand in the country;
Relationships with employees; Creating an activity
healthy in a work environment;
Location: Brazil;
Date / Hours: Saturday and Sunday / 8:00 to 18:00;
Number of Participants: 900 participants;
Public Estimate: 2700 people;
Public profile: Officials; Children of employees; officers;
Parallel Events: Conferences / Workshops / Sales of products
licensed / Coaching Clinics / Fair Food Trucks / Area
Recreation Child / Day Spa for Student Mothers / Talk Show
with idols;
Media: Media Relations / Site Time Strong / Facebook /
Instagram / Mailing / Newsletter / Official Site of the Club;
Merchandising Opportunities: Branding Experience in
Tournaments / uniform properties: Brand Exhibition in
chest and back of the official training uniform, bands, Backdrop,
banners, signs and tents in official events. / Shares
Sponsorship activation. / Social Media (Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and Youtube)
Promotion Tips: Product Testing /
Product launch aimed at the target audience / Building
Database with participants / Promotions facing the
social networking / Stand licensed stores.

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