Description: Specialization Course for teachers and former athletes
based on football methodology Time Fort Sports Marketing
Format: Specialization Course on soccer methodology,
with theoretical and practical modules, lasting two days;
Objectives: To disseminate the methodology of Team Fortress about football
Brazilian / Encourage soccer practice / train professionals
able and skilled to operate in the Brazilian sports market;
Location: Brazil.
Date / Hours: Saturday and Sunday / 8h to 17h;
Number of Participants: 200 participants;
Public Estimate: 200 people;
Public Profile: Men and Women / Students or graduates
in Physical Education / Former athletes working in the football market /
Entrepreneurs and soccer coaches;
Parallel Events: Workshops / Internship Fairs and jobs;
Media: Press Office / site / Facebook / Instagram /
Mailing (50 000 entries)
Merchandising Opportunities: Branding Experience /
Properties: bands, backdrop, banners, signs and tents on the issues /
Activation actions Sponsorship / Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
Promotion Tips: Product Testing /
the target audience oriented products launch. / Bank of Creation
Data on participants / Promotions aimed at social networks.

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