Description: Tours designed to meet students and heads of
Soccer schools, receiving key customers, executives, VIPs,
employees in a relationship of action
which may include a visit to backstage, dinner,
Tickets in unique locations, among others, outsiders of Rio de Janeiro
who have an interest in knowing
the city and the various tourist and sporting points;
Format: sports tourism trips to Rio de Janeiro, with
duration of a weekend;
Objectives: Broadcast brands in the country, creating
links with junior fans / supporters Approaching
other states with the clubs of Rio de Janeiro;
Location: Brazil.
Hours / Date: Friday, Saturday and Sunday;
Number of participants: 50 participants;
Public Estimate: 100 people;
Public profile: Children 4-17 years and parents;
Parallel Events: Friendlies / Visit to Gávea / Visit the museum
CBF / Sales Socio-fan / Selling products
Licensed Club / Mini torneios./ Olympics / visit
Media: Press Office / Facebook / Instagram / Mailing /
Newsletter / Site Time Strong / Newsletter Socio-Fan of
Merchandising Opportunities: Branding Experience in
tour / Actions Sponsorship Activation / Social Media /
Promotion Tips: Product Testing /
Product launch aimed at the target audience / Building
Database with participants / Promotions aimed at networks
Social / Relationship with partners-fans / Olympics and
Olympic stadiums.Excursoes_EFLA

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