Football schools

Description: The Soccer Schools are franchises projects
sports administered by Time Fort Sports Marketing with
technical training. tactical and recreational activities;
Format: Soccer School Franchise Network;
Objectives: To disseminate and rejuvenate brands creating links with
junior fans / Education through Sport / Encourage practice
of football;
Location: Brazil;
Hours / Date: May vary with the units;
Number of Active Students: 12,000 paying students in August / 15;
Public Estimate: 25,000 to 35,000 people;
Public profile: Boys and girls 4-17 years / and Fans
Social and Supporters Clubs / Guardians of students / teachers
Physical Education / Entrepreneurs and Investors;
Parallel Events: Tours and Travel / Screens / Tournaments
internal / Events in commemorative dates / Lectures / Courses
Expertise / Pre high performance teams;
Media: Media Relations / Site Time Strong / Facebook /
Instagram / Youtube;
Merchandising Opportunities: Branding Experience in
Units and Official Events / Brand Exposure chest and back of
official training uniform (1000 kits sold monthly), tracks,
backdrop, banners, signs and tents in official events / Activation
Sponsorship / Social Media / static banner on the Site;
Promotion Tips: Experimentation and release
Products / Database Creation / Promotions on social networks.

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