Youth Camp

Description: The Summer Camp is aimed at social development
and sports participant;
Format: Summer Camp, with two daily periods and
duration of one week.
Objectives: Education through Sport / Encourage
practice of sport / Children’s Entertainment with activities
recreation and leisure;
Location: Brazil.
Hours / Date: full-time packages (sleeps on site); packages
part time (Enter at 8 am and departs at 17.30) / School Holidays and
Number of Participants: 150 participants;
Public Estimate: 500 to 600 people;
Public profile: Boys and girls from 5 to 16 years / Parents,
mothers and caregivers of children aged 5-16 years /
Entrepreneurs and investors;
Parallel Events: Tours & Travel / sale of products
/ Photo Album and personalized videos.
Media: Media Relations / Corporate Site /
Instagram and Facebook / Mailing (50,000 entries).
Merchandising Opportunities: Branding Experience in
Properties: Brand Exposure chest and
shores of the official uniform, banners, backdrop, banners, signs
and tents in editions of the Summer Camp / Share
Sponsorship Activation / Social Media / E-mail marketing
for mailing (50,000 entries).

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