Technical evaluation

Description: Sieve and clinics and treat themselves to an assessment
technique, targeting the use of athletes in the categories of
Based football club or other sports.
Format: Technical evaluation;
Objectives: Watching athletes for referral to
basic categories of football clubs or other sports;
Location: Brazil.
Hours / Date: 8h to 17h / Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Number of participants: From 500 to 600 participants;
Public Estimate: About 1,500 people in 3 days
Public profile: Students 10-17 years / Fathers, mothers and
guardians of children 10-17 years;
Parallel Events: Sales of Socio-Fan / Selling products
licensed clubs;
Media: Media Relations / Site Time Strong / Facebook /
Instagram / Mailing / Newsletter / Official Site Club /
socio-supporter club newsletter;
Merchandising Opportunities: Branding Experience in
editions of Screens / Properties: bands, backdrop, banners,
plates and tents on the issues of Screens / Activation Actions
Sponsorship / social media (Facebook, Instagram) / Newsletter
for mailing;
Promotion Tips: Experimentation and Launch
Products aimed at the target audience / Database Creation
with participants / Promotions on social networks / Stand
Sales Socio-Fan / Relationship
Partners-Supporters Club.

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